Sermons from August 2014


Faith IS

God wants to do a radical increase in our faith. The goal of faith is not stuff, it’s not miracles, but it is to please God. We don’t need more faith- we need to develop our faith. All of creation both visible and invisible is created by God. God is the source of everything. God […]

CoPastor ComeBacktotheChurch

Come Back To The Church

Come Back to Church The word “church” in Greek is Ekklisía which means to be “called out or summoned; assembled for a purpose.”  Evangelism is the winning of souls or the revival of personal commitment to Christ.  We are the church- we are what we are supposed to be asking people to come back to, […]

You are a winner

You are a winner part 2

We experience growth when we face opposition in life. Just because it’s God, doesn’t make it easy. We face opposition from the enemy, but he only has access to the things that challenge us if we speak it; he can’t read minds. Maturity says we have to go over the opposition and still do what […]

You are a winner

You Are A Winner

I Am a Winner Ephesians 4:11-15 The Pastor’s job is to create mature believers. We should be able to reference the Word of God, not just what our Pastor says. A Pastor’s responsibility is to build us up so we are not swayed by any false doctrine. If we don’t give up, our blessings will […]