Get In The Game

Put Me in the Game Coach!

1 Chronicles 4:9-10

We have been drafted on the spiritual team at CFWC. We have to take time to stop and hear from God. The Word is the play book. Pastors are the coaches. We must want to be on a winning team. We need to contribute to the team to help it be its best.

Jabez’ s story teaches us how to pray and he did so to be on a winning team. Jabez asked God to do four things in his prayer: 1. Bless him. 2. Increase his territory/responsibility. 3. Be With him. 4. Protect him.

There will be times that are difficult, that may make us want to leave the team. But we have the ability to become better if we commit, stick and stay. No matter what we think our limitations are, God can makes us who we need to be. We must develop our skills and say, “Put me in the game, coach!” He will do perfect works through us in His perfect timing.


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