If You Faint Not

What is Your Response to God’s love?

If we understand what GOD has done for us, we do not hesitate to live for Him. We cannot just come to church looking to be blessed; we should also stay committed and work for the Kingdom. Even if GOD does not require us to, it is reasonable to show our appreciation. We should not be selfish Christians.

Romans 5:6 reminds us that GOD showed His love for us while we were still sinners. It is important to remember that this is a great gift! GOD blesses us in so many ways, what is our response to this love?

James 2:15 says that our actions should match our beliefs. Kingdom work does not move forward by our words alone; action is necessary. Faith by itself is not enough. It must produce good deeds. We cannot be a useless church. Get involved, do something to be a blessing to someone else. We are agents of GOD; we should walk, talk, and live like GOD.

The greatest time in your life may be the greatest time because of what you do for others. It is more than meeting basic requirements. How are we showing our appreciation? We cannot be bench-member Christians. We can’t be so comfortable in Grace that we take it for granted. There is a difference in vision and action. We must become consistent and committed in what GOD has called us to do.


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